Saturday, March 6, 2010

Daddy's helper

Well, despite battling pneumonia, our little buddy decided to be Daddy's helper this morning. Andy decided to fix our oven on his own instead of paying someone else to do it, and Kaden was in on the action. He was so cute, looking under the oven with the flashlight, and completely in awe of Daddy's head lamp. I mean, it's not everyday that you see someone walking around with a head lamp on. Silly Daddy!

What do you see down there, Daddy?

Dad, I think I can fix this one.

Here... I'll hold the flashlight so you can see, Daddy.


Daddy looks funny with that head lamp on, Mom!

Kaden is doing "ok." There are many ups and downs each day, and you never know what to expect with sleeping. He coughs A LOT, and almost throws up each time he does it. As his mom, I wish I could just take that pain away from him!!! We're going to take him to the doctor again tomorrow, so hopefully we'll be on the mend soon.