Tuesday, March 1, 2011

First time bowler

Kaden had his first bowling experience this past weekend. He loves to bowl at home with his plastic bowling set, and I knew that real bowling would be a new experience for him. Of course, he thought it was always his turn, but did a great job at waiting until it was his turn. He also wasn't used to not being able to carry the ball, and loved rolling it down the ball ramp, using a lane with bumpers of course. I think Kaden was so overwhelmed with the whole experience, but in a good way. All of his friends from church were there, and he just bounced from one lane to another, and got to spend some time with Daddy bowling (Mommy chose to take pictures instead and talk to her friends! :)). We had some technical issues with our lane and even got some free passes to come back, so maybe we'll have to try it again sometime!

Watching the ball with Daddy and Drew Burgess

Waiting his turn

Getting ready to go

"On your mark, get set.... bowl!!"

Hangin' out.

Finding his ball on the ball return... that worked almost 50% of the time... hence the free passes.

Watching all of the action. I love the cute little bowling shoes. I'm okay with those, because I figured they might have less germs than the adult ones. Nevermind the fact that he's on the floor.... guess I'm getting better! :)

"I WUV BOWLING!!!" (Wish he could figure out how to say his L's and F's)