Monday, January 25, 2010

Locked out

(in this photo...practicing 5 months ago for what he did this morning)

Well, the saying, "Boys will be boys" rings true again in our house. This morning I was packing up everything in preparation to go to church to clean the nursery. Typically I bring a load out to my car before completely loading everything up (the diaper bag, my purse, other things for errands, etc.). So, I made a quick trip out to load my car and then opened the door to go back inside the house and grab Kaden. Unfortunately, that's not quite how it went. I turned the doorknob, and instantly panicked when I realized that Kaden had locked the door (it's one of those twist-lock knobs)! He was standing on the other side, and I was talking to him, telling him to open the door again. So, I panicked. Hmmm.... my 18-month old child is locked in the house by himself. Not good. My car keys and cell phone were with me, but my house key was inside the house. I would have felt better if I knew Kaden was an infant strapped into his infant seat- this way at least he was contained. However, judging by Kaden's curiosity lately, the possibilities were endless as to what danger and trouble he could get himself into alone in the house. I quickly called Andy at work, and he was leaving right away to make his way home with an extra house key. However, he has to catch the bus first to get his car (the joys of working downtown GR), and it was going to be a good 25-30 minutes before he would get home. I was definitely panicking- have I said this already?!? I kept talking to Kaden so at least I knew he was by the door and not getting into any trouble. I kept saying, "Kaden, open the door, buddy...." I never thought I'd be thankful for his new door-opening skills! Meanwhile, I decided to call 911, thinking that maybe a police officer could come quicker than Andy could and help me get the door open. After first going to the central line, and then being transferred to the Wyoming Police Dept., I was informed that the only way they could get the door open was to knock it down. Great, I thought. Break down the door with my son on the other side. For the love. The only other people with extra house keys were my mother-in-law (who was also at work and more than 30 minutes away from getting to my house), and my brother- working in Battle Creek. So, as I'm telling the officer out of desperation to please just send someone to break the door down, I hear the continued turning of the doorknob. "Kaden, open the door for Mommy..." and the door opens. Being his usual happy self and unaware of the turmoil he caused his mother, he grins and says in his usual high voice, "Hi." I told the police officer- nevermind, we're good.... and held Kaden in my arms crying. Kids. What will be next? Lesson learned- keep an extra house key outside- at least if Kaden locks the door from the garage to the house I can get in the front door. Now I can look back at it and sort of laugh (maybe that will come in another few days), and I'm thankful it all worked out as well as it did. Thank you, God, for watching over us!


Toby and Laura said...

I love that you wrote "For the love" in there. And, I'm so glad everything turned out ok!

Becky - stampin' and sewin' in the tulip city said...

I have a door locker here too...she goes into the bedrooms, locks the door and then goes out before she shuts them. We have also had her lock the car and the garage door too. Hang in there!

The Vugteveens said...

I cannot believe this! What a crazy thing to happen! Glad everything worked out okay!!