Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Ok, I'll admit it, I love Matilda Jane.  I don't love how expensive it is (times 2), I don't love all of the craze and markup on their platinum and exclusive items.  That seems a bit extreme to me- they are just clothes after all.  Does our girls' wardrobe contain some MJ pieces?  Yes.  Most of them were bought during a sale at a fraction of retail price, or as a gift, or secondhand, so I'm okay with that route.  I do have to admit I love how adorable the clothes look on the girls, though.  I like how everything coordinates, which gives me lots of options with the girls.  I scored an awesome deal on a set of 5 MJ coordinating pieces in the girls' size through a resale site, so I thought I'd share how adorable the girls look in their outfits! :)  They have MJ flower headbands for their hair, too, but that's a losing battle.



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Amber Lynn said...

I have always loved the Katherine Knot.

They're cute!