Saturday, June 7, 2014

Kindergarten graduate!

It's hard to believe I have a kindergarten graduate!  This year went by SO fast!  We had such a great experience this year at BCCS.  Kaden grew so much in so many ways- emotionally, spiritually, academically, and probably physically- haha!  He's overcome some big hurdles throughout this year and has thrived.  We are so thankful for his teacher and for the amazing support she's been for him this year.  I'm so excited that he started reading this year, that makes this literacy mama proud!!  I hope he continues to love school just as much as he did this year.  We are thankful!

Traditional picture by the school sign

Handsom graduate

Sibling pic!

Singing some songs

Kaden's solo

Kaden's Fox part :)

Barnyard Hullabaloo

Mrs. Groelsema sharing wonderful things about Kaden.  He also shared that he wants to be a professional snowboarder when he grows up :)

Class pic

Silly pic

Official diploma

Kaden and his teacher

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