Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kaden's First Birthday

It's hard to believe our little boy is already 1! This past year has been such a blessing, watching Kaden grow and turn into the fun boy that he is today. He is now officially walking, so we can say that he started walking at age 1. It's amazing how much he changes from week to week, and just a week ago he looked like a drunken sailor trying to walk the plank, and now he's flying around on the house, not yet realizing that he can't quite run as fast as his mind wants him to! It was fun to celebrate his first birthday with friends and family. I love planning parties, so it was fun to see the planning come together. After taking the time to make his first birthday cake, I decided to let him delve into a cupcake instead. He loved it and ate every single bite... except for those few crumbs that managed to make their way into his diaper, don't even ask me how that happened. He even managed to poop in the tub for the first time that night, what a way to celebrate his special day! :) All in all it was a fun day, and we feel overwhelming blessed to call ourselves Kaden's parents.

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