Saturday, October 29, 2011

Notes from the crib- 1 Month

Makenna Anne

Hi, I'm Makenna. On Oct.29 I turned one month old. I can't believe I've been in the world for a whole month now! I'm getting bigger and bigger and now weigh 7lb, 11oz! I'm a pretty happy baby and usually quite content. Even though I was the active one inside of Mommy, now that I'm out in the world I'm pretty laid back. I fall asleep pretty easily, and usually only cry when I'm hungry or sick of being in the same spot for too long. I eat about every 3 hours, although sometimes I think I need to eat every 2 hours or every hour before I go to bed. I usually sleep for 3-4 hours at a time during the night, and when I wake up and feed, I usually fall right back asleep. My sister and I like to be fussy from around 8-10pm, but then we usually settle down, eat one more time and go to sleep for the night around 12am. I've graduated out of my preemie diapers and clothes, and some of my newborn-sized clothes are even getting a bit too small. I'm proving to be a tall girl, now at 21.5 inches, which means that pants are too short and huge at the waist. Sounds like I'll be similar to my brother- tall and skinny! :) I still sleep in the pack and play in my Mom and Dad's room with my sister. I always lay on the right side of the crib so my parents don't mix up me and my sister during the night when they're tired! So far our parents have managed to tell us apart, mostly because I'm almost a pound bigger than my sister is. I look a lot like my brother did when he was born and most people tell us that we look like our Mommy. Daddy says it's better that way. I'm starting to lose my hair on the top of my head, so my hair is resembling that of an old man. Everyone still thinks I'm pretty cute though! :) During the day I like to sleep quite a bit, go in the swing, lay on the playmat, be held, or sit in my bouncy seat. I also eat a lot and poop quite a bit. Isn't my life grand? Well, I'm getting pretty tired here, so I'll let my baby sister have a chance to talk now.

Maya Grace

Hi, I'm Maya. I see that my younger sister got to update you on her life already. So much for the advantages of being older. I could tell you to just read her paragraph and you'll get an update on my life, but I am my own person, so I'll give you the update on myself. I was the calm one when I was in my Mommy's tummy, but now I like to make my presence known. If I'm unhappy, everyone knows. Some might say that I'm the feisty girl. I like the papason swing, but don't like sitting in the same place for a very long time. If my belly is full, I'm usually content for awhile, but I can flip the switch pretty easily. I now weigh 6 pounds, 15 ounces and I've graduated out of my preemie clothes. I'm still in preemie diapers, which are nice and snug on my little bottom. Newborn clothes fit me pretty well, although the arms are a bit long sometimes, and the waist is usually pretty big, too. During the day I pretty much eat, sleep, and poop. I usually go 3 hours between feedings, but sometimes get extra hungry and only last 2 hours, or even less at night during my fussy time. Lately I've been eating at the same time as my sister, which is pretty cool. It also saves my mom a lot of time so she's not feeding babies all day long. At night my sister and I come to life around 8-10pm, and sometimes can be fussy during this time. However, usually being awake during this time helps us sleep during the night. I do REALLY well at night. On most nights, I can sleep from 11pm-4am without waking up. This makes my Mom really happy, and I think she would be really happy if my sister did the same thing! My sister and I are really starting to look more and more alike. I'm still the small one, and the swirl of my hair on my forehead still seems to be there. Sometimes my skin coloring is a bit darker than my sister's, too, and I have an adorable dimple. However, I know we'll catch up to each other sooner than later. People still say that we look like our Mommy and our big brother, Kaden. We're okay with that! :) In the picture below, Mommy says she really can tell how identical we are. I'm 20 1/2 inches tall, so 1 inch shorter than my sister, too. Hard to believe I'm older than her by a few minutes, huh? :) Hope you enjoy watching us grow!

Sisters- Maya on the left and Makenna on the right

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