Tuesday, November 1, 2011


We've had quite a few Halloween festivities around here lately! Last weekend Kaden went to a pumpkin carving party at Andy's co-worker's house and at night we celebrated with friends from church. Yesterday (Halloween) Kaden got to trick-or-treat at Daddy's work, and then he went out at night with Daddy and Grandma Rysdam. The girls enjoyed passing out candy at home with Mommy and Grandma Van Der Heide and being pushed in the stroller at Daddy's work. Kaden loved being a MI football player and saying "Go Blue" to everyone he saw. He also loved coming home early from trick-or-treating to pass out candy to the neighborhood kids. It's interesting to see him learn more about what holidays are about, and process everything he sees- while asking hundreds of questions of course. Yesterday he asked me if fake people were going to scare him and if there would be witches when he trick-or-treated. We talked with him about how Halloween is fake and we don't believe in witches (nor dress up like them), nor do we have decorations with skulls, witches, etc., in our house. Instead, Halloween is a time for us to dress up in a fun costume (not a scary one), celebrate fall and trick-or-treat for a little candy. Hopefully he'll remember these things as he gets older!

Halloween party with friends from church

Playing games at the Halloween party

MI football player!

2 little pumpkins and a MI football player

"Why aren't any kids coming, Mom?"

We got such a laugh out of Kaden's set-up by the door. He just set up shop and waited patiently for kids to come. He also kept running to check the window to see if any kids were coming. So cute.

Pumpkin girls in their "My First Halloween" outfits. Too bad you can't see the adorable pumpkin on their bottoms.

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