Monday, February 13, 2012

Sports weekend

In Kaden's words, we had a sports weekend this weekend. We went to the Calvin/Hope game on Saturday as a family. We originally planned on leaving the girls home with Grandma, but since their feeding schedule is still a bit unpredictable and they won't take a bottle, we decided to take them with. I bought them new Calvin shirts to wear for the game, and everyone thought they looked pretty cute. It worked out great having them at the game. They ate right before we left the house and didn't need to eat again until we got home. They even managed to sleep through most of the game, which amazes me considering the Hope students were less than 3 feet away from them yelling and screaming the entire time. I'll have to remember this next time I tip-toe around the house when they're taking a nap. And of course Kaden was a big fan, too. He loves going to Calvin games, and I love that we can do this together as a family, just like Andy and I did when we were at Calvin. I think Kaden's favorite parts of the game were getting popcorn, sitting by Uncle Brian for awhile, and seeing Joust. It takes little to please him :)

On Sunday night, Andy took Kaden to a Griffin's hockey game. Kaden earned 2 free tickets from the library this summer, and our choices of home games were running out. It just so happened that the hockey game was $1 breadsticks and soda, and free bobblehead night!! Bonus!! :) I meant to have Andy take a few pictures of Kaden while they were at the game, but I forgot. He did happen to snap pictures of Kaden playing the air guitar during the music at the game in between plays. This kid cracks us up. It was nice for Kaden and Andy to "do guy stuff" as Kaden says, and spend some time together. Lately Kaden likes to tell Andy that they have to stick together because they're the only guys in the house! :) Mommy had some bonding time with the girls at home during the game and even had the girls in bed by the time the boys came home- woo whoo!

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