Saturday, June 30, 2012

Notes from the crib: 9 months

Welcome to our crib!  This has been one of our biggest months yet.  SO much has happened this past month, we don't even know where to begin.  For starters, this was the first month it became almost impossible for mom to get us to stay still for a photo.  As you can see, Maya is trying to crawl on her sister.  She does this on almost a daily basis.  We also had to move the photo shoot to Maya's crib, since we just had to lower Makenna's mattress, and it's too far down to take pictures.  Maya's crib is the older kind with the front that goes up and down, so it's much easier for photo shoots.  Easier for photo shoots, not easy to get the models to cooperate.

Maya Grace

Well, I guess I'll start us off.  As you can see, I wasn't a big fan of my sticker.  As soon as Mom put it on, I ripped it off.  So instead you'll just have to imagine that I'm wearing an adorable onesie that shows that I'm already 9 months old!  This has been a big month for me.  I started sitting up and crawling all within a week or two.  Since then, I've mastered the art of crawling and have now begun to pull myself up on furniture.  Just in the past week I've really mastered this skill.  Mom finds me standing in my crib in the morning, and I love to stand by the coffee table to try to grab whatever is on it.  I'm trouble.  I get into everything, go wherever I want, and I KNOW what I want, when I want it.  I don't let my sister get in my way... in fact, I'll just crawl right over her or step on her if it means I can get my toys.  I love to steal toys from my sister, and if she steals a toy from me, I scream like you're pinching my skinny little buns.  Speaking of skinny little buns, I'm still pretty petite. I'm starting to catch up a bit with my sister, but still have a problem with some clothes being a bit too big.  We go to the doctor for our official 9 month check-up in a week and a half, so Mom will update with our stats then.  We just graduated to size 3 diapers, mostly for my sister- I probably would have been fine with size 2 for awhile yet.  We take 2 naps a day- morning and afternoon.  Our morning nap is usually about 2 hours after we wake up in the morning.  We usually wake up around 7:30am, and are down for a nap by 9:30-10.  We will sleep anywhere from 30-60 minutes in the morning.  Our afternoon nap is the same thing.  Mom tries to get all 3 kids sleeping at once, but it only usually lasts for about 15 minutes of overlap.  My sister tends to take shorter naps, but I tend to wake up and cry a lot when I'm supposed to be sleeping.  We keep our mom very busy!!  I eat baby food twice a day, and nurse about 4 times a day.  I'm a great eater- I'll eat anything, and I'll eat all of it.  Mom introduced me to puffs this month, and I love those.  Sometimes it's still hard getting them in my mouth, so I'd just prefer if Mom would put them in there for me.  I'm still the girl that gives my parents a run for their money.  I still wake up once a night (sometimes even once before Mom and Dad go to bed, but then I just want to be rocked for a few minutes), cry like crazy when I'm put down for a nap, and am either crazy happy, or crazy mad.  NOTHING in between.  I think Mom prefers it when I'm crazy happy, because it's quite the sight.  I scream and squeal with delight and bounce up and down.  I was the first to pop a tooth, but my sister was only a week behind me.  I have one tooth that is very noticeable, and another bottom tooth coming in right next to it that Mom can feel/see, but isn't all the way up yet.  Mom notices that I have a tooth when she feeds me.  She said she doesn't so much appreciate that feeling- something she never had with my brother since he stopped nursing before he got teeth.  I love to crawl around the house, get into my brother's stuff and chew the shoes in my mom's closet.  Oh, how the world has changed for me this month.

Makenna Anne

Of course I cooperated with my mom and smiled nicely for the camera, while wearing my 9-month onesie.  90% of the time I cooperate for my mom and dad.  I'm pretty much always happy and go with the flow.  Must be a youngest child thing.  I always have that huge grin on my face, showing off my chubby cheeks.  I love to army crawl all over the place, though sometimes I get frustrated that my sister is getting places faster than I am.  I'm pretty content just army crawling wherever I need to go, though.  I'm very laid back and usually only cry if I'm tired, hungry, or need a little attention.  I go right to sleep without crying when Mom puts me in my crib, and I sleep through the night, too.  I am definitely the compliant child.  I have 2 bottom teeth, just like my sister.  Mine aren't quite as tall as hers, but they are definitely there!  I also learned how to sit up this month (finally!!).  I'm much happier now that I can roll around, sit up and play, and crawl wherever I need to go.  I've started rocking on all 4's this past week, so Mom knows it won't be long before I'm crawling on my hands and knees like my sister.  I don't pull myself up yet, but Mom appreciates that we're different.  We're busy enough as it is, so one child being busy and one (myself) being laid-back is just fine with Mom.  I'm in size 3 diapers, and they fit me perfectly!  My sister and I are wearing size 9-month clothing, or 6-12, depending on the brand.  Mom predicts that we'll be in 6-12 a bit yet in the fall, but then move into 12-18 shortly into the fall season.  We're pretty much right on with our age and clothing size, something that Mom isn't used to.  After all, our brother will be 4 in a couple of weeks and is wearing boys size 5 stuff.  He's a big dude! (at least he looks that way from way down on the floor!).  I have the same eating schedule as my sister, although I'm not into puffs.  I gag and make the craziest faces when mom puts them in my mouth.  Mom tried to feed us the "3rd foods" from Gerber, and we thought they were gross.  So, we're back to 2nd foods, and just eating 1 1/2 jars instead of 1.  We eat rice cereal and fruit around lunchtime, and veggies/meat at dinnertime.  No "real" people food yet.  I love to wave my hands around when I'm eating, so I usually end up more of a mess than my sister during meal times.  I've just started (in the past day or so) using my hands to wave and clap, and Mom says she loves seeing us develop all of these new skills!  I've started talking quite a bit this month, too.  I mostly say "Dada" and "Baba," although I really have no idea what I'm saying.  My sister makes lots of noise, but nothing that sounds like any words.  My words are definitely pretty clear.  I think Daddy is hoping that one of these days I'll figure out what I'm really saying :).  He likes to think that I'm asking for him all day long, but Mom says otherwise.  I'm starting to take a liking to having a blankie, too.  Just this past month, Mom has noticed that I instantly grab for a blankie whenever one is within reach and cuddle up to it.  I'm more of a cuddler, and I remind my family SO MUCH of my older brother.... more so than my sister, for sure.  

Mom really appreciates that we're both so different.  She knows that we're identical twins, yet loves that we are 2 quite different personalities.  It has been exciting for Mom to see us change SO MUCH this past month, and Mom knows that we'll just continue to change even more so as the next few months go by.  Mom says she can't even believe that we're already 9 months old.  Just when Mom thought things were getting better, we decided to crawl.  Now Mom just runs around after us all day long.

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