Thursday, December 27, 2012

Simple festivities

Wow.  I haven't blogged in a month!  It seems like the month of December got away from me.  Ironically, we really didn't have much going on.  Somehow, though, it's after Christmas and I haven't shared our festivities with my blog followers!

This year our Christmas preparations and festivities were simple.  Christmas felt different this year.  I think because we weren't in our own home, and couldn't decorate or do any of the usual Christmas traditions we've done in the past.  Most of our Christmas stuff was packed away in the storage unit, so we encouraged Grandma Rysdam to put some of her decorations up.  I put a few things up in the basement where we mostly reside so it felt a little Christmas-y down here :)  Our only Advent activity this year was simple- we did the traditional 25 Christmas books.  I wrapped up 25 of our favorite Christmas books, and Kaden opened up one each night.  Christmas Day was a new book to add to our collection.  I love this little tradition.  It's simple, yet encourages the excitement of sharing in so many wonderful Christmas stories.  We of course baked Christmas cookies (and decorated them... thank you Gordon foods for your shaped cookie dough!), went and saw Christmas lights, wrapped presents, went Christmas shopping, got Christmas cups at Starbucks (my heart always skips a little beat when they start using the Christmas paper cups!), and put up a Christmas tree.  Here are a few pics of us decorating the tree.  I mostly stayed behind the glass with the girls.  It was safer that way :)

Next on the blog list... sharing pictures from Christmas in MI this year.  Stay tuned!

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