Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas with Grandma Rysdam

As always, we split our Christmas celebrations up over a few days.  This made it more fun, as I'm always up for a party and yummy food!  This also helped keep the kids from being too overstimulated.  They got so much stuff, it was nice to spread it out over a few days!  Our first official Christmas was with Grandma Rysdam on the Sunday before Christmas.

Kaden with the mug he gave Grandma

One of Kaden's favorite gifts this year- Buckey!

Go figure- another favorite gift was this playmobil castle from a garage sale :)

The girls had tons of fun walking around with presents

Makenna playing with new toys

Maya and her new Leap book

Mommy and Makenna

Kaden was very excited about his cake pop kit!

Nothing says Christmas with toddlers like empty boxes :)

A popular gift among the girls this year

Phew.  All of these festivities make me thirsty!

Annual Christmas calendar

Kaden showcasing his new Jake PJ's and Spiderman slippers.  They make him look so skinny- ha!

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