Tuesday, March 5, 2013

House progress

I haven't made an official blog post about the house yet, I can't believe it.  Every week we go and take pictures of the progress, and plan to make a photo book of the entire experience.  I've had lots of people asking about our progress so I thought I'd put some sneak-peaks up for you to see.  About 5 weeks left- I CAN'T WAIT!!

 Kaden's favorite worker so far.  Dry waller on stilts so he can mud up the ceiling :)

 Opening for the refrigerator (where the tools and box are) and the message center- by cabinets.  Hallway leads to mud room.

 Kitchen cabinets are almost all done!  Waiting on custom island (wait until you see the color- you'll love it.... ok, well I know I will!) and countertops.  Cabinets are antique white with pewter glaze.

 Fireplace area in family room- will have built-in book shelves on both sides.

 Downstairs- bathroom, linen closet, spare bedroom opening

 Downstairs bedroom #2- we'll use as an office until the girls decide they don't want to share a bedroom anymore.  We have 3 bedrooms upstairs and 2 down, so Kaden can have his own room downstairs when he wants :)

 Downstairs- the door in place is Kaden's  play area under the stairs.  It's SO cute!  Open door is mechanical room.

 My craft area.  This picture is for you Laura Batts :)

 Better view of the basement

 The girls' room (on main level)

View of the front.  Still need to put up the stone.  Sorry for the bad view- it's rare that a truck isn't parked in front to get a good view.

I realize that I haven't shown you everything, but what fun would that be?  I have to leave your mind wondering a bit :)  We have to paint yet, floors installed, clean, etc.  Color you see on the walls is the primer color, not actually our paint color, in case you were wondering :)

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