Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Blessed, everyday life

Sometimes it's the everyday, ordinary moments that make me realize how blessed I am.

Yes, my kids drive me nuts.

Yes, they are crazy.

Yes, they drive me crazy.

And they make lots of messes.

And fight.

And destroy things in my new house.

And yet......

I love them more than anything.

I'm blessed to share in these crazy moments everyday with my kiddos.

Baggies.  Lots of them.

Apparently they've reverted back to crawling.

Clearly Makenna is not happy that I wedged her and Maya into a regular shopping cart.

Yes, Makenna.  Those look better on your head than your legs.

Hold on a sec, Mom.  I have to text my friends.

Boy twins in the house!

What?!?  That's not how I'm supposed to wear these?!?

Fun in the playhouse

Gassing up the cozy coupe

Fighting over who will sit in the cozy coupe

Testing out the burley

Kaden gives Maya a ride in his jeep :)

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