Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Playing in the dirt is fun!

We have a lot of dirt around our house.  We have no yard yet, so it seems like dirt and mud follow our kids into the garage and house.  It's awesome.  However, it doesn't stop the kids from playing.  They sit down and play in the mud just like it's one big sandbox, and they don't even care that they're getting dirty.  We've designated some clothes as dirt clothes, and shoes as dirt shoes, and everyone is happy :)

Kaden has loved all of the action and moving around of dirt piles, but I'll admit, I'm ready for some grass.

Yes, he is sitting in fresh mud/dirt in bare feet.  He went right into the bath.

Kaden and his friends playing on the sand dunes in the new section of the development.  This is a favorite for sure!

Makenna is in her glory!

Ready to dig!

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