Sunday, July 14, 2013

Kaden turns 5!

It's hard to believe that my little man is 5 years old already!  Kaden turned 5 when we were in NJ, so we got to celebrate there and at home when we were back in MI.  On his actual birthday he got his long-sought-after skateboard, and spent the day fishing with Andy and Grandpa.  At night we celebrated with some ice cream cake.  When we got back from NJ we had Grandma Rysdam and Uncle Steve & Aunt Kelly over to celebrate.  He was definitely spoiled, as usual.

Kaden, at 5 years old you are an active, inquisitive boy.  You weigh 50lb, are 48" tall, and everyone thinks you're at least 6 years old.  You love learning in general, but mostly about parts of nature, especially sea creatures.  You are kind and loving towards your sisters and help out most of the time :).  You love playing outside and with your friends.  You are crafty and find ways to make treasures out of trash.  Soon you will be starting Kindergarten, and while you are anxious about new experiences, we know you will grow to love it! You are a growing child of God, and we love you more than anything.  Happy 5th Birthday, buddy!

The girls wore their "I Love My Big Brother" shirts to celebrate his birthday :)

Nothing like 5 yr shots :(

Hanging out in the dr's office waiting for his 5 yr checkup


Waiting for his gift from us

I'd say he was excited :)

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