Monday, July 22, 2013

Our first family camping trip...

...and we lived to tell about it! :)  We managed to survive our first family camping trip- in a tent, no less!  As you can see from the picture, our car was PACKED full of stuff for our weekend camping trip with some friends.  We were only camping about 20 min from home, so we knew that if we forgot something critical, or if it got really bad, we were a quick drive home.  The first night (my birthday, no less!) was one of the hottest days we've seen this summer in MI.  The kids could not settle down because it was so hot in the tent, and I'm pretty sure they were really confused as to what was supposed to happen in the tent.  Plus, it was loud since the adults were hanging out right outside the tent.  So, after going in and out of the tent and being up with all 3 crying children, we drove home at 2am.  We packed everyone up in the car, left our food for breakfast for the group in our tent, and drove home.  Everyone slept until 8am, we took showers and headed back to the campsite to meet our friends :).  They were jealous that we got to take a shower, and we were still tired :).  The next day went much more smoothly.  The weather cooled off significantly, and we drove the girls around to get them to sleep and transferred them to their pack n' plays.  Needless to say, we survived that night in our tent for the whole night!! :)

It was certainly crazy chasing the kids around all weekend, but they loved it.  They loved swimming at the beach and the waterpark, and loved the ability to run around and get dirty all day long.... and eat junk food that they don't get at home :).  

Maybe we'll think about doing it again next year....

Packed car!

Rain storm to begin our weekend of camping

Yup, that's my child drinking directly from the water spigot.  Ugh.

Tired boys waiting for the perfect fire for hobo pies

Making s'mores

Our "home" for the weekend


Madalyn loved helping with the girls!

Boys and the trees

Makenna and her water obsession

LOVE these boys!

The kids- minus the Houtsma's

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