Wednesday, August 7, 2013

I think they really do love each other

The girls have gotten much more affectionate and loving towards each other lately.  It's not like they ever hated each other or anything, but they keep getting more and more caring.  When one of them is crying for whatever reason, the other one will find something (usually their blankie or a stuffed animal) and bring it to them to cheer them up.  They love to give each other kisses and hugs.  I hope they stay buds for the rest of their lives!  Having a sister is a precious gift!

This was a rare morning when all they wanted to do was hug each other.  I love capturing true moments of our everyday lives.  That's what being a stay-at-home (mostly) mom is all about.

And of course they love their big brother, too!

Crazy gals!

I told them to say "cheese" and this is what they did.  Crazy, crazy kids.

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