Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Kaden starts Kindergarten!

My little boy started Kindergarten yesterday.  Wow.  I'm sure you've heard a few people lately talk about how quickly kids grow up! :)

But it is true.  They do grow up quickly.  I know this little guy is totally ready for Kindergarten.  He loves school, loves learning, loves doing crafts, spending time with others, looking at books, and the whole school routine.  He probably gets that from his mother.

Dropping him off yesterday was a bit rough, for him that is.  He had been sick the day before, so I knew he wasn't 100% into it.  Plus, he gets a bit anxious about new situations.  We had prepared him as much as we could, but he's still only 5, and going to school is kind of a big deal.  He may or may not have been the only one throwing a fit and grabbing his backpack to try and escape to go home.  I managed to slip out of the classroom and took the girls to the car.  Andy managed to get him back in the classroom and then ran away, haha!

When I picked him up after his first intro day (only a few hours), he had a huge grin on his face.  His teacher said he did great 5 minutes after we had left.  He couldn't stop talking about what he did in school and how much he loved it.  In fact, he was excited to go back again today!

This morning went much better.  Today was his first official full day of school, and he walked right in and waved goodbye to me with a smile on his face.  He loves it, he really loves it.  He's tired at the end of the day, which makes for early bedtimes (who can complain about that, haha!).

Next week he starts riding the bus, and I'm praying that goes okay for him.  I think we're both a little nervous about the bus transfer, but I hear it's pretty easy peasy. :)

People were surprised that I wasn't crying or emotional about it myself.  The truth is, I'm so excited for him.  I can't change the fact that they grow up quickly, so I'm not going to cry about something I can't change.  Instead, I'll grin from ear-to-ear because I'm so, deeply, whole-heartedly excited for him.  The teacher in me appreciates and values so deeply what happens inside the walls of that classroom, and I'm so excited, thankful and blessed that we he can attend a wonderful Christian school.  He can continue to grow as a child of God from people whom I trust, and I know he'll thrive there.  Shouldn't it be a happy day instead?  I'm not happy because I get to "get rid of him" for 2.5/days a week, but instead, happy because I can share the joy of raising my children to be followers of Christ with someone else during that time.  That, my friends, is joy.

Ready for Kindergarten!

Looking so grown up!

Ready to go!  (No pictures by his classroom since that's when the fit started!) :)

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