Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Chris Tomlin concert

Andy and I got to go on a date- yes, a real date, without kids!  Best of all, we got to go to a Chris Tomlin concert.  I got a great deal on the tickets way back at the beginning of the summer and had been looking forward to the concert for quite awhile.  We had been to a Chris Tomlin concert a few years ago and loved that it was such an amazing time of praise and worship.  I love how the entire concert felt like a worship session.  There's just something amazing about thousands of believers singing "How Great is Our God" together.  Oh, and something equally amazing about having a dance party together on God's Great Dance Floor.  We even got to take home a large Chris Tomlin beach ball as a souvenir for the kids (after deflating it a bit to fit it in Andy's car- haha!!).

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