Monday, December 9, 2013

Decorating the tree!

We decorated the tree the weekend after Thanksgiving this year.  It felt late to be doing it then since there were only 3 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.  However, I still refuse to decorate for Christmas until after Thanksgiving is over, so it had to wait.  We took an afternoon and set up the tree and ornaments with the kids.  The girls really got into it this year and loved hanging up the ornaments in random places on the tree.  For the most part we left them in the spots they put them.  If you took a picture of our tree for each day in December, you'd notice that it slowly started to change.  The girls figured out how to take ornaments apart, particularly ball ornaments, and we had more than our share of ornaments breaking and hooks on the floor.  So, we would slowly move ornaments up to the top.  By the time Christmas rolled around, most of the ornaments were on the top of the tree.  I wish I had taken a picture of it.  I feel like our tree tells the story of where we're at in life.  We went from a real tree to a fake tree when we knew the twins were coming, we used to keep the tree in the basement when Kaden was little, and last year at my mother-in-law's we had the tree on the porch so the girls couldn't get into it.  Each year the tree tells our story.  Of little hands, of helping hands, of a family that celebrates together.  No matter where we are in life.  I treasure those memories.

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