Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Toddler beds!

My goal was to keep the girls in their cribs until January, and then switch them over.  Mostly because they had to sleep in pack n' plays in NJ during Christmas, and I wanted to wait until life was more back to "normal" again.  Well, as has been the case with most things and these girls, they forced me to change things up.  Maya had pushed a spindle out of her crib, and Makenna was regularly climbing out of hers.  So, Thanksgiving weekend, since my parents were still around, the guys took the cribs apart and out of the room, and in came the toddler beds.  The girls seemed pretty excited and it was more of a luxury.  Their first time sleeping in it (nap on Sunday) went strangely well.

I wish I could same it's been a wonderful experience.  To be honest, it hasn't, and I still wish I could have waited.  The first week allowed for no naps since they'd keep each other awake and run around the room.  So, since then we separate them for naps- whoever is the most tired sleeps in their bed in their room, and whoever needs more time to settle down sleeps in a pack n' play in our room.  It's not ideal having a pack n' play permanently set up in our room, but it works perfectly for nap time.  Nights are getting a little bit better.  At first they thought it was fun to run around, jump on each other's beds, turn the light on, grab the iPod from the sound dock, etc.  We're turning into sleep police lately, though.  We're firm with them when they go to bed, we have a solid bedtime routine, and a gate in the doorway to keep them in.  Being firm and non-verbal when we go back in there to put them back in their beds has helped a ton.  Hopefully things settle back down to "normal" again soon. Having them in their beds is also causing them to wake up during the night again, too.  I'm not sure how much lack of sleep I can really handle anymore.

I'm getting the push from some people to start potty training soon (I think they're becoming more and more ready), but to be honest, I can only handle one issue at a time.  And, I'm not going to feel forced to make a change faster than I want to this time around.  So for now, I'll spend a ridiculous amount of money on diapers and contribute to our world waste problem. Boo.

Maya demonstrating her skills

Last time in the crib!

I had to put them in there one last time for a picture :)

Helping Daddy take the cribs apart

Hanging out during the take-down process

Makenna tests out her sister's bed

Oh, yeah.  We're cool now.

Maya in her bed

First nap time in her bed- success for Maya!

First nap time in her bed- success for Makenna!

Sometimes, they find the floor more comfortable
Makenna clearly likes to find different places to sleep

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