Thursday, August 14, 2014

Friends, Family, Farm & Fires

Clearly we've had a lot of "F" activities this summer.  Fun, family, friends, farm and fires.  We've had lots of real bonfires, which are a perfect ending to a summer day, and also pretend fires in Kaden's room :)

Fun at the pool with our twin friends Lola and Lily!

I love this picture for so many reasons.  First, it shows the love our family has for each other.  Mostly, it gives me joy.  My grandma and my aunt recently moved out to MI by us, and it's been wonderful having them so close and being able to spend time with them.  On this particular Saturday we took a girls' only trip to Home Goods.  Grandma and Anne Marie got quite a kick out of the girls and the girls loved the extra attention this morning.  Looking forward to many more moments like this.

Enjoying some ice cream after a belated birthday dinner with Grandma Rysdam to celebrate my birthday

I wish with all of my heart that I could bottle up Kaden's creativity.  He did all of this completely on his own, unprompted.  He make roasting sticks with pretend marshmallows on them and set up a campfire on his bed.  He did such a great job of playing with his sisters while I tried to clean the house for a bit.  He set up a flashlight under the red pillow so the reflection looked like an actual fire.  They played camping all day and kept coming back to roast marshmallows.  These are the childhood moments that I want to record.  The ones that make me smile, make me thankful for my blessings, and overwhelmed with love. 

We've been out to Aunt Kelly's parent's farm a few times this summer and the kids love it.  They love picking corn, feeding the cows, picking vegetables, roaming around, and riding on the gator.  Sometimes I think I really could live on a working farm.  

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