Monday, August 18, 2014

Sandy Pines

We bought a day at Sandy Pines at our friend's auction this spring.  We were glad to finally find a chance to go and spend some time with the Gritters at Sandy Pines.  The kids always love going there, and we had an awesome day full of tons of great food and fun.  They were quite spoiled with lots of fun snacks and goodies!  We spent some time on the beach, tubing, at the waterpark and we enjoyed ice cream before leaving, too.  As usual the kids fell right asleep as soon as we got in the car.  Thanks for a full day of fun, Gritters! :)

Kaden enjoyed being pulled by the paddleboat

Maya thought she would be a pretty good driver of the golf cart

I'm so proud of Kaden for trying to waterski.  He tried about 3 times and got up almost every time, but then fell back down again.  Not bad for the first time!

Maya became buddies with "Mr. Gwitter" for the day.  It was pretty cute to watch her pull him on the waterslide with her :)

Family tube ride.  The kids weren't quite sure what to make of their first tubing experience.  At different times they both said they loved it, and then that they didn't like it.

Andy and I took a slightly more wild tube ride after our family one.  He managed to elbow me in the face on one of the bumps so I have a nice bruise now on my face.  Fun times :)

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