Monday, June 22, 2009

Kaden's First Pool Experience

I got back from NJ on Saturday afternoon, after spending most of the week in NJ. It was great to see my family again and celebrate my "little" brother's graduation from high school. Time sure flies! I'm excited to see him more as he decided to come to the Holy Lands, aka Calvin College, next year! :) Kaden is super excited to have Uncle Brian here, too!

Kaden wouldn't go down for a nap on Saturday afternoon, which was no surprise after many changes in his napping schedules, flying (he did great- slept most of the time on all of the flights- what a trooper!!), sleeping in a Pack N' Play, etc. So, we decided to head to the pool since it was one of the first really nice days here in MI. We had the whole pool to ourselves and it was nice to enjoy some relaxing time together as a family. Kaden fell asleep on the 5 minute drive to the pool, so he relaxed in the shade with Mommy for the first 20 minutes while Daddy enjoyed the pool. He enjoyed splashing around in his new tube once he got used to it. He definitely loves water! We're looking forward to spending more time in the pool together as a family this summer!

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