Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Kids say the darndest things

Lately, it seems like everyday Andy and I end up cracking up at what Kaden tells us. He always has some kind of story to tell, or something to say. We're amazed at how much he remembers and how he randomly brings things up that we barely remember!

Here are a few recent things from the babe's mouth:

1. Last night we were driving home in the car and Kaden sees the moon:
K: Moon!
Me: Who made the moon, Kaden?
K: Jesus.
Me: Do you love Jesus?
K: Yeah.... Jesus..... BEST EVER! (said with a lot of expression!) (Oh, and the BEST EVER is also a new phrase. Lately he thinks everything is the BEST EVER!)

2. "Papa Miss You." This means he misses his Papa in NJ. He usually says this once a day, but inserts whatever name comes to mind. It's usually Grandma, Papa, Mommy, Daddy, Uncle Steve, Uncle Brian, Benjamin, or Emersyn. Despite the reversal of words, it's the cutest thing ever.

3. Whenever he says something that makes us laugh, he bows three times and says, "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you." It's hilarious. I think we have a comedian on our hands. I've gotta get this on video sometime. If I do, you can bet I'll blog about it. We're asking for a new video camera for Christmas, which I hope will help us capture more moments like this!

4. "Oh, well....." If something doesn't go as he anticipated, he'll often just sigh and say, "Oh, well." I'm glad to see that he's learning to be flexible and realizes that sometimes things just don't go according to plan, or how we always want them to go.

5. "Baby sister, baby brother.... cute." No, I am NOT pregnant. But Kaden thinks it's cool to ask me for a baby sister or baby brother almost daily. He's even started wrapping up his teddy bear in his blanket and rocking it. He then says, "it's o-tay, baby.... no cry... pipee? milk?" He's becoming quite the expert childcare provider. He also usually refers to his pretend baby as Baby Mabel (my friend Laura's baby). Crazy how he remembers things. Bet you love this one, Laura! :)

6. Singing. Lately his favorite songs are..." Old MacDonald had a farm.... EIEIO." The EIEIO is usually SCREAMED. Very.loudly. He think it's hysterical. There's also this song- see if you can figure out what it is: "I you me, you you me..." Yes- it's the song from Barney- "I love you, you love me, we're a happy family...." Once Kaden starts singing this song he usually asks for a family hug. We laugh and squeeze all the hugs we can get.

I know I'm missing more, but I wanted to capture these moments of pure joy that Kaden brings us. The things he says and does make us laugh and love him even more than we already do.


Toby and Laura said...

So cute! I do love that one :)

The Bramans said...

LOVE that Emersyn made the blog again! We HAVE to get those two together more often! :)