Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pink foam curlers

Today Kaden got a new suitcase set, which includes a rolling suitcase, rolling duffle bag, and backpack. It's the cutest thing ever. It's just his size, and it's a sports theme. The kid couldn't be happier. When I came home from work tonight, he told me he was "packin." I asked him where he was going, and he said "gramma, papa, moosie & baxter (the dogs) house Jersey." He proceeded to go into his room and came out with underwear. He put the underwear in, patted it down, and said, "Kaden get more." So, he followed with several trips, which primarily consisted of hats and mittens. When the suitcase was almost full of all of his "accessories," he closed the top and said, "all set, airport? Kaden Airplane?" There are several humorous things about this situation. First, Kaden isn't potty trained, so the underwear serves no purpose. Although, he does like to wear it over his diaper- does that count with making progress? Secondly, this kid remembers everything. He knows that he has to fly on an airplane to G&Gpa's house in NJ, and that they have rats, I mean chihuahuas, named Moosie and Baxter. I wonder how he'll react when he realizes we're DRIVING to NJ for Christmas?

*Packing the suitcase

*The final packing job! :)

The other humorous thing that this little situation brought to mind was a story from early in my childhood. I very specifically remember a time when I was around 7 or 8, and I was very mad at my mom over who knows what. I decided that I was going to run away, so I filled up this suitcase: (I can't believe I found a picture of that thing... too bad I don't have it anymore!!! Maybe I should add this one to my Christmas list!)
with these (if you grew up wearing these on Saturday night after your bath in preparation for crimped looking hair on Sunday morning for church and are dying to get your hands on some, you can buy them for $1.64 on Amazon):
Clearly I was thinking rationally about running away. I had an entire suitcase full of pink foam curlers. Great plan, Jen. I remember walking down the stairs from my bedroom, carrying my suitcase, and informed my mom that I was going to run away. She came up to me, sat me down on the stairs, and was crying. She opened my suitcase to see what I had packed in there, and I'm sure was amused by my preparation for looking gorgeous for church. After all, if I went to Grandma's house to run away, I'm sure she wouldn't have those curlers, and that would just be traumatizing for the Sunday morning routine. Now that I'm a parent, I can understand why my mom was crying. Of course she didn't want me to run away, even if it was to Grandma's house. And to think that all I thought I needed was curlers.

According to Kaden, all he needs is underwear, hats, and gloves. He's excited to go to his Grandma and Grandpa's house, but I'm hoping he doesn't see it as running away. Don't ever run away from your mommy, okay, bud? Especially with a suitcase full of pink foam curlers (or underwear and hats/mittens)....I may start to worry then.

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