Tuesday, April 19, 2011


We decided to make a trip to Frederik Meijer Gardens on Saturday to see the butterflies before our membership expires at the end of this month. Kaden didn't like the butterflies last year and we were hoping he'd like them this year. Um, yeah, not so much. He was excited about going, but then once he got there he just wanted to leave and kept asking to see the other animals. I had to explain to him that it wasn't a zoo and butterflies were his only option for the morning. He got very excited when he saw a bird in the butterfly exhibit, and that's all he talked about! He wanted to be held and kept covering his eyes as we walked around. Kaden, Kaden, Kaden. I think it took us longer to drive there than the time we were actually looking at the butterfly exhibit. We didn't use our membership much over the past year and didn't think it was worth having, so we won't be renewing our membership again. I think we'll stick to the GR Children's Museum- much more fun and kid-friendly and WAY more to do than at the gardens.

Final stages of becoming a butterfly!

Daddy and Kaden. Kaden's face says it all.

Up-close shot

I got him to laugh while he was pouting :)

Nectar pods full of butterflies!

Clinging to Mommy and asking to leave

Final stop for a picture on the butterfly. Of course his eyes would be shut.

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