Friday, April 1, 2011

Florida vacation

We went as a family to Orlando, FL again this year for Calvin's spring break mid-March. We had a fabulous time spending time with the whole family, sunbathing, swimming, eating, miniature golfing, and going to Sea World. Enjoy a picture review of our trip!

Breaking the news of our twin pregnancy to the family!

Dad is very surprised!

Kaden broke the news with his "Big Brother x2" shirt. He is happier about the news than he seems in this picture.

The second night we were there we went to Downtown Disney, walked around, got Kaden his first "real" Lego at Legoland and enjoyed ice cream as a family. Hopefully we enjoyed it because we waited in line for over 1/2 hour for it! Kaden seemed to enjoy it anyways! :)

I think Kaden's favorite part of the vacation was spending so much time in the pool. By the end of the week he was brave enough to swim on his "own" with a flotation device. Freedom for Mommy and Daddy and he was SO excited that he could swim on his own without holding on to anyone! We're excited to see him continue to develop his swimming skills this summer.

Swimming with Daddy

"Daddy, throw me!!"

Jumping in the pool to Daddy

Having fun at the splash pad at the community pool

Andy and Brian hanging out in the pool

Kaden playing with Uncle Brian in the pool

Not sure who liked Kaden's new squirter better- Daddy or Kaden! :)

Kaden chillin' in the pool

Swimming on his own from Daddy to Uncle Brian

Swimming in the hot tub

Of course, it wouldn't be a true family vacation if we didn't make crazy memories. You never know what to expect when you get all of us together. We had to find something to make our crazy Walmart food shopping experience fun, so Brian decided to climb in the shopping cart. Strangers in line were even taking pictures of him! :)

Kaden had such a fun time at Sea World. He LOVED seeing all of the animals, and hasn't stop talking about it since.

At the "Willy Show" wearing Mommy's sunglasses

Touching the stingrays

A long day makes for one tired boy. He fell asleep when we stopped for an afternoon snack. He was such a trooper all day!

Watching the baby dolphins with Daddy

Walking around with Grandma VDH

Watching the dolphins swim in the tank. His favorite part was when they swam by him and pooped :)

Family shot

The family enjoyed the log flume ride many, many times while Mommy and Kaden had to sit it out. :( Mommy was a bit bummed she had to sit out from the rides this year, but the pregnancy is definitely worth it!

Enjoying another show

Mommy and Kaden hanging out in the shade while the family enjoyed rides

Family picture with Willy. Kaden thought every whale was Willy since he loves the movie Free Willy, so we just went with it! :)

Large family photo

And of course it wouldn't be a family vacation if the guys didn't get to enjoy some golf.

And that's it. We had an awesome time, and who knows... maybe we'll attempt it again next year with the twins?!?

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