Saturday, April 27, 2013

Notes from the crib- 18 months (well, 19 on Monday)

We are 18 months old!  Actually, we will be 19 months old this week, but Mom wanted to wait to post until she got our 18m pictures back and we finally had our 18m well-child check-up last week so Mom had some stats for you! :)

We are seriously SO cute!

 Hey, there, it's me, Makenna.  I'm such a happy, easy-going girl!  Right now I'm 32.75" tall and weigh 24 lb, 12 oz (71%).  I'm very loving and sweet, but I have a temper if I don't get my way.  If I'm mad or upset about something, I like to throw whatever I can find and bury my head on the floor.  I'm a slow eater, but I'll eat pretty much anything I'm given- except for milk of course.  In fact, I LOVE enchiladas, burritos, and tacos.  A girl after my mom's heart.  Most of the time you can see the most precious smile across my face, and most people who see me have a hard time not smiling right back.  My sister and I are wearing size 18 month clothes and size 4 diapers.  We also just finally moved into size 4 shoes! :)

 Yup, still me, Makenna.

 Hey!  It's me, Maya.  I wasn't the most cooperative during our 18 month photo session, but we managed to get this shot, looking more serious.  I tend to be the more serious of the two of us, although I am definitely still the loudest.  I have a very tender heart, and if my sister is crying, I will find her blanket and hand it to her.  I also like to give kisses and hug my big brother whenever I see him.  I'm also more shy in new situations, and if you yell at me, I'll get a little lippy/pout and start crying.  I like people who are familiar to me and I'm very excited when I see them!  Right now I am 32" tall, and weigh 23 lb, 8 ounces.  I'm FINALLY catching up to my sister.  We are now only about a pound different (Mom still wonders if they got the weight measurements correct since we had a hard time standing still on the scale).  I like to eat, but only what I like.  I turn my nose up at a lot of foods, but if I'm hungry, I'll eat a lot of what I love.  Still no milk though.  Mom even tried to fool us with almond milk- haha, Mom.  Think again!  My sister and I like to say the following words at 18 (almost 19) months old: yum, more, uh oh, thank you, banana, Kaden, Mama, Dada, Grandma, hot, Maya, Makenna, all done, nigh-night, bye-bye, and hello.  We try to say a lot of things and talk non-stop, it's just kind of hard for people to understand us sometimes.

My brother wanted to get in on a photo with me, too! :)

We are very fun, but BUSY girls.  We learned how to go up and down stairs this week, and we love exploring in our new house.  We like to tell Mom and Dad when something is wrong, such as when we've pooped in our diaper, or when someone has left something open (door, toilet seat, drawer, etc.).  We know what is right/wrong, and don't put random things in our mouth anymore.  In fact, we'll even bring you trash or we'll put it in the trash can ourselves!  We love to climb and oftentimes you'll find us standing on the kitchen table, coffee table, or anything else we can get up on.  Mom pretty much just chases us around all day because we get into EVERYTHING!  We are very stable on our feet and can be trusted running around outside and moving around in the house much more than before.  We love life, making messes, throwing food, playing with toys, and exploring.  Yup, that pretty much sums it up! :)

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