Monday, April 8, 2013

Shedd Aquarium

It was spring break around here this past week.  Even though Kaden is only in school for a few hours 3x/a week, I knew it would still be an adjustment to him to be home all day long, and have me home a bit more than usual.  Unfortunately, I didn't have a complete spring break week as I still had to teach at Calvin.  However, we decided to do something together as a family and get away before all of the house craziness began.  We needed to get away together for just a day as our little family :)  So, we decided to drive to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago for the day.  The kids did great in the car, and Kaden was SO excited.  We told him the night before, and he had his car bag packed in no time :)  The girls did great all day, despite being in the stroller a lot, no nap (besides small ones in the car and a short snooze for Maya in the stroller), non-routine eating times, etc.  We had a busy day seeing all of the fish, watching the 4D show, and taking it all in.  We ended our day with a stop for some pizza at Sanfratello's and some pie at Baker's Square.  This made our hearts and bellies very happy :).  We mostly enjoyed the day together as a family, though.  I can't wait to do more fun things like this together as a family! :)

Getting his glasses ready for the show

Watching the turtle

Standing on the clear glass

Fun fish and coral!

Oh, Mommy WAS there! :)

I love this picture of boys and their love for fish :)

Shark tank!

Outside the museum

Mommy and Kaden

We LOVE Chicago!!

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