Friday, May 24, 2013

Children's Museum

Today I ventured out to the GRCM by myself with the kids.  We have a membership there, so I love that we can just buzz in for a little bit and not feel like we wasted any money.  I also love that the exhibits keep changing- it gives Kaden something new to look forward to!  This was my first time taking all 3 kids by myself knowing that I'd have to let the girls out of their stroller.  Everyone did great, though.  The girls lasted for awhile in their stroller while Kaden played, and then all 3 of them enjoyed the new construction work area.  It was a great way to spend a Friday morning.  This will definitely be on our top 5 things to do this summer!

Kaden enjoys the new rock climbing wall

Playing in the construction area

Playing in the "dirt"

Woo whoo- he got to the top!

Driving the old car- all sweaty! :)

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