Sunday, May 5, 2013


Kaden started playing t-ball last weekend.  He's only been waiting 4 years for this big moment! :)  He was so excited to go and pick out new cleats, a new glove, and he had everything all laid out the night before.  His first game went well, and the more he plays, the more he gets the hang of it.  He's actually pretty passive when it comes to sports, even though he LOVES them.  He takes it all in, and does what he's told.  So far he has shown a lot more interest in baseball than he did in soccer, so it will be interesting to see which sports he really gets into.

My brother and his girlfriend came to the game this weekend to cheer him on, so since he was on photo detail, I decided to steal his photos and make my post a lot easier.  Thanks, as always, for the fabulous photos, Brian! :)

Love that face- haha!!

LOVE this kid.


Yup, I was there! :)

Daddy helped coach 3rd base :)

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