Sunday, August 22, 2010

Crafty for Cars

My order from Hawthorne Threads arrived in the mail on Friday, and brought some glee to my Friday afternoon when I saw the package in the mailbox! :) I knew that I had to get my hands on that fabric and craft something this weekend. My first project planned with the fabric was a travel car mat for Kaden. Kaden loves playing with his matchbox cars, and I've seen these travel car mats on Etsy for at least $20. I knew I could make one for less than that, so I did! I found a super easy tutorial online and took a stab at it on Saturday morning. It was so easy to make and I made it in no time at all. Kaden of course loves his new car mat... and so do I! :) Now we'll throw it in the diaper bag and use it when we're out, or just use it at home!

Rolled up with cars in it

The double-sided mat

Kaden putting the mat to good use

Putting the cars in the pockets

Folded flat without cars


worshipwiz said...

Too cute, you are so talented.
I am enjoying reading your blog.
Love ya

Toby and Laura said...

That is so cool! Perfect fabric for the project!!