Wednesday, August 25, 2010

One of those days

Today was just one of those days. I got a late start this morning (I stay up too late and then I can't get up in the morning!), left 15 minutes later than I should have, and was only 5 minutes late to another day of training at Calvin College. By the end of the day at Calvin, I had such a headache. My brain keeps filling and filling with SO MUCH information, I feel like it's going to **burst!** Of course, the more I learn, the more I realize I have yet to do in order to prepare for classes in a couple of weeks. What changes can I make? Will students still like me if I make changes? How do I learn the new management system at Calvin and make the changes in time for classes? (I won't bore you with any more of that stuff). Then I came home, and Kaden was cranky, which didn't help. The poor kid has a cold and hasn't been sleeping well, so I can't blame him, but still... not what I needed. Then, our power went out. Just great. I was planning on hosting a Stampin' Up event at my house tonight, so I had to scramble around trying to find phone numbers (our Internet doesn't work when our power goes out) to cancel the meeting for tonight. Meanwhile, Andy was getting anxious for me to take him to the airport. So, back in the car we went....leaving our garage door up of course because there was no power to close it..... free stuff at the Rysdam's this evening! :) Ran to Jimmy Johns for a quick dinner for Andy, and drove through a red light on the way to the airport. Just fabulous. I'm just glad that there were no cops around. The running of the red light wasn't intentional- I'm just not very focused these days. After the airport, I picked up a kid's meal at Sonic for Kaden ($1.99 on Wednesdays), and promised him he could sit on the couch and watch TV while eating his dinner. Perfect plan for a mommy and Kaden dinner.... except for the fact that I arrived home to still find no power. Shoot. I forgot all about that. In my mind I was scheming up how I was going to explain this to a 2 yr. old. I took him out of his carseat only to discover that he had wet through his clothes and the carseat and smelled like urine. Are you kidding me? Wait, when was the last time his diaper was changed?!? So, I brought him inside and cleaned him up. After dealing with one of Kaden's meltdowns and trying to (1). explain to him why he wasn't on an airplane with Daddy, and (2). that NO, Daddy couldn't put new batteries in your lightswitch on the wall to make the lights come on, it suddenly occurred to me to throw a DVD in our laptop. So, we were all set. We sat and enjoyed our dinner, in the dark, watching Charlie Trash Truck on the laptop. Oh, a perfect date. After dinner we decided to play on the deck for awhile, and in the midst of texting Andy at the airport (whose plane was of course delayed), my cell phone died. So, I have no technology or way of calling for help if I need it. It's dark in my house, my child is cranky and doesn't want to go inside, and my husband just left me for 5 days. Woe is me, right? :) Well, to close out the saga, I finally got Kaden inside and put his PJ's on. The power came on amidst all of that, my cell phone is charging, and I have Internet access to blog. The trash is brought out, the toys are picked up, a load of laundry is in the washing machine, and the lights are on. My to-do list will be tackled and I'll go to bed early. Only to wake up, head to Calvin College again, and hope for a better day tomorrow.

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worshipwiz said...

Oh need to take a deep breath and try to relax. Your blood pressure is probably high! Should have just put Kaden on the plane with Daddy and it would have saved you a lot of trouble tonight!!
Hope tomorrow brings a better day!!
Love ya!