Thursday, September 9, 2010


This is clearly my week for bargains. Oh my. It all started last night when I made an impromptu trip to Target at 9pm for a few random items. Now, I can't just go into Target and get a few items that I need. No, I have to quickly go down and look at all of the endcaps; after all, that's where the clearance items are! As I was making my way down the main isle by the home items and furniture, I once again glared at the blue headboard and toy chest I've been lusting over for Kaden's new room (whenever we move him in there.... no need to right now). As I got closer to the display, I noticed a red display above it....could that be a clearance sign?!?! My heart started beating faster as I pushed my cart faster(yes, this is what good deals can do to you), and I saw 50% off right above them. ARE YOU SERIOUS?!? 50% off?!?!? MUST BUY. I called Andy, my financial manager, to get approval for the purchase, and 10 minutes before Target closed, I was being escorted to my car by a nice Target employee who loaded the Mason headboard and toy chest into my car. Each piece was only $50 instead of the $100 originally. Fabulous deal. So exciting for a Wednesday night, and to top it off, I got a pumpkin spice latte before I went home. Typically this would be enough excitement in the bargain area to last awhile. Gear yourselves up-there's more.

I made a stop at a garage sale this morning on my way to work. Now, let me tell you about garage sales if you're not familiar. You may plan an entire morning of garage sale shopping and find nothing. You may also at times decide last minute to make a slight detour on the way to work and find everything. Today was one of those times. I arrived promptly 15 minutes after the garage sale started (key to finding good deals at garage sales). Clearly I was not the only one with this idea- lots of crazy moms and kids running around everywhere- very typical. I headed to the boys section to find a pair of Gap jeans in perfect condition for Kaden...$1...those went in my arms. Next, 2 pairs of the real crocs that looked almost new for Kaden (in 2 different sizes, so they'd be good for the whole next year) for $3... those went in my arms. I skimmed ahead to the toys (garage sale shopping tip: you do a quick once-over and grab the big stuff you want immediately... then you go back and dig). Mr. Potato Head in the carry case (we have random potato head parts that Kaden loves, but I've been looking for the case)...$1... that went in my arms. 2 big sets of mega blocks for $1 (are you kidding me?!?!?)... those went in my arms. At this point, my arms were full. I brought them over the homeowner and asked if I could start a pile. After my pile was started, I went back to dig. I found some Gap tees for Kaden for less than $1 each, a Wiggles DVD for 25 cents, a few books for myself that I'd been looking for (who needs to get them from the library when you can buy them for $1?!?), a monitor (ours is sub-par and when we have another child eventually, we'll want a new one), a stuffed Bob the Builder that actually makes noise for a whole 75 cents (Kaden is in love with it), some mini cars for Kaden's new car holder (see older post), a travel magna doodle (I've been wanting one of these for Kaden, and I figured one for 25 cents for the car would be a good way to see if he would use it. So far he loves it. He calls it coloring which is perfect- it's mess free!!!), and a brand new Jenga set for $1. Pretty successful, huh? Now. This is where it gets good. I did a final once over to make sure I wasn't missing anything major, and a small blue bag caught my eye. In the corner of a table, I noticed a small, robin egg blue bag. "I know the color of that bag," I thought to myself. Upon reaching the bag, I noticed it said "Tiffany and Company" on the front. Oh. my. I opened up the bag, and there was a gift box, which again, said "Tiffany and Company." Inside that, a velvet jewelry bag. Inside that, I found this. Yes, a $390 necklace, still in the original packaging. Do you know what the price was on the sticker? $20. That's a savings of $370. My husband wants to know if he can give that to me for Christmas this year. When I brought it up to pay (of course doing a hop, skip and a jump on the way there, and trying not to show my unbearable excitement), I commented on how I really liked the necklace. Apparently it was a gift and she never wore it, so she decided to sell it. I quickly paid (grand total of $40 for ALL of the finds, including the necklace) and sped away as fast as I could. I still can't believe it. This is a once in a lifetime find. Wow. I bet you want to start garage sale shopping now, don't you? :)
The find of the season. And yes, it's real.


Toby and Laura said...

You are my hero!!

worshipwiz said...

I taught you well to find a bargin..good job...I got excited just reading the post.....