Thursday, September 16, 2010

Becoming a Big Boy, Part 1

While there are many things that prove that Kaden is truly becoming a big boy (such as wanting to do everything himself, wanting to be like daddy, talking non-stop, etc.), I see the official big boy status coming in 3 parts. Part 1, no more high chair and a spot at the big table. This was accomplished this week. Part 2, big boy bed. We're still trying to figure out when to do that. We don't need the crib for another baby and he stays in the crib just fine, but lately the night routine has become quite lengthy, and I wonder if a new big boy bed and room would help. Thoughts anyone? Part 3, potty training. Kaden loves going on the potty and goes on it at least once a day. However, he has yet to tell me when he actually has to go. He asks when he sees the potty or when I change his diaper. I figured this is still good progress as he loves to use the potty. I suppose I could kick it up a notch, but, nah... we'll give it some more time. Enjoy the pics of Kaden enjoying his new chair at the table. Oh, and place no judgements on the fact that my child is eating a worm donut from Meijer for lunch. That's what happens when you feel guilty about leaving your child for a few days.

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