Monday, September 19, 2011

35 weeks...and a few days

Apparently Kaden also had to compare the size of his tummy to mine. I think I won that contest, Kaden.

If you're not 35 weeks and 3 days pregnant with twins, here's what you're missing out on:

1. Waking up 4-8 times during the night due to either (a) numb, painful hands from carpal tunnel, (b) you need to pee, or (c) terrible heartburn/acid reflux.

2. Everyone stops you and asks if you're due any day now. Once you inform them that your scheduled c-section of twins is less than 2 weeks away, they will ask you all kinds of questions. What are you having? Do twins run in your family? Identical twins?!?- are you having boys, girls, or one of each? (Um, THINK about this people... how could I have identical twins with one of each?)

3. You get stuck in any booth you try to sit in at a restaurant.

4. You may even get stuck in small places in your home, such as your linen closet.

5. It's hard for you to stand at the sink and do anything without bumping your belly.

6. Your husband and other children may even bump into your belly because it's so large, it's always in the way.

7. You get to go to at least 3-4 doctor's appointments and/or non-stress tests a week.

8. You have a lot of emotions and feelings about the reality of the birth of your babies coming sooner than later.

9. You feel like you have to get everything done before the twins arrive, but just don't have much energy.

10. You don't feel like doing a whole lot of anything, including eating, moving, etc.

11. Most of your clothes don't fit you, and your shoes don't have a prayer of fitting those puffy feet.

12. Someone at church may ask you if you've seen their missing basketball. Haha.

13. You get to feel 2 babies kicking around in your tummy, and even see some extremities sticking out of your belly from time-to-time.

I bet you're jealous and want to be 35 weeks pregnant with twins now! :) #13 makes it all worthwhile. Less than 2 weeks, people. Keep up the prayers! :)


Rj and Kelly said...

You look amazing! Hang in there!! These sweet baby girls will be here before you know it and your shoes will fit again :)

Jan Damsteegt DeJong said...

Just think, your whole life will change again in two weeks. You're in our prayers!

Laura Sharda said...

Jen! I'm not pregnant with twins, but I am at 35 weeks and can relate to much on your list! Excited that you guys have gotten this far with the pregnancy and look forward to hearing when the little girls arrive!

Barbara Dykhouse said...

Jen, I saw your mom on Sunday and she told me how close you are getting to your scheduled delivery. I am praying for you and will continue to do so in the weeks ahead. What an exciting time for your whole family!

thesloothaaks said...

You are looking so stylish for being 35 weeks and a few days pregnant with twins! :) Praying that all goes well for you as you prepare to meet those girls!