Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year's

We had a blast celebrating New Year's Eve with some friends from church this year. We tried to keep the kids up and then get them all to sleep in their sleeping bags while watching a movie, but I think they were too wound up and overtired. We, of course, were wide awake since we're used to being up late with the girls! :) At 11:30pm (we were SO close to making it until midnight!) when all of the kids started having meltdowns, we all packed up and headed to our own homes to watch the ball drop. We got Kaden in bed and turned on the TV just in time to watch the ball drop. Of course we celebrated by trying to get the girls to bed and finally settled down for the night at 1:30am. Awesome, huh? :)

Kaden clearly enjoyed Just Dance on the Wii. I think we need to add this game to our collection. SO fun!!

Quite the dance party

This kid sweats SO easily- he takes after his daddy.

Makenna just chillin' in her New Year's shirt

Maya celebrating

Mommy and Daddy with the girls

Mommy and Makenna

Last year we started the tradition of answering 10 questions on New Year's Day. We asked Kaden the questions, and Andy and I each answered them individually. You can read Kaden's answers from last year here. It was fun to compare Kaden's answers from last year to this year. This year he clearly understood the questions better. This year we also decided to videotape Kaden answering the questions from now on. It will help us visually see how he changes from year to year, too. Take a look at our video from this year here.

When I looked back at my answers from last year and then this year, I was struck with how faithful God has been to us this year. Last year I wrote about seeking God's guidance for a job for me this year, for another child, and financial security. God answered those prayers more than I ever could have imagined a year ago. Not only did he give us another child, he gave us TWO beautiful twin GIRLS. He has continued to provide us with a job for Andy so he can provide for our family, and gave me peace about taking a year off from work to raise our precious kiddos. My heart overflows with thankfulness. I wonder how God will bless us in 2012?!? We're hoping he has other things in store for us besides more children- haha! :) All in all, we know he's got more planned for us than we ever could imagine.

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