Tuesday, January 3, 2012

To match or not to match?

Ever since people knew we were having identical twins, they've always asked us how we were going to dress them. Will you dress them alike? Will you coordinate them? I wasn't quite sure until I had the girls. I decided I like both ways. I think I like coordinated better than identical outfits, but I do have 2 of the exact same outfit in many sizes, so that works, too. I think as they get older I'll want to coordinate more than have them wear the same exact thing. There have also been a few days when they don't coordinate or match- they're in completely different outfits. This is a result of garage sale shopping when I've picked up some cute outfits for them. I decided that I still need to dress them differently on occasion to remind myself that they are 2 different kids, and it's rare to find twin girl garage sales. Since I love garage sale shopping so much, I couldn't rule out buying single outfits- just had to do it. The planner in me wonders if maybe I should make a schedule- identical outfits on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, coordinating on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday and on Saturday different outfits. Okay, that's a ridiculous idea....I have enough to do than worry about a schedule of what they wear. Haha! :)

Here's an example of one of each.... what do you think- identical outfits or coordinating?


Are these not the most adorable outfits you've seen?!? Thanks to Uncle Steve an Aunt Kelly for giving them to the girls! :)

Sporting their UnderArmour outfits

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