Tuesday, September 11, 2012

First day of preschool!

I can't believe my little man started preschool yesterday.  I know that everyone probably feels this way when their oldest goes to school, but seriously?!?  Where has the time gone?!?

When people ask me if I'm sad about Kaden going to school, I say, no!  Not because I'm a selfish mom who wants a few extra hours to myself 3 days a week (um, like that's possible with the girls still home?!?!?), not because I don't love my kids, or not because I'm happy to "get rid" of him.  I'm happy because I know how ready Kaden is.  He's ready to meet some new friends, join into a new community unfamiliar to us, learn, grow, and get the third leg of the stool we all value and treasure in Christian Education.  I know how much I loved school, and I know how much Kaden loves school so far (yes, I know that might change, but I'm savoring it for now).  I'm pretty sure it's the teacher in me that gets excited about school.  I love the feeling of fresh new opportunities.  New school supplies.  New excitement.  New situations.  New friends.  New shoes.  New memories to be made.  I love it all.  So am I happy for Kaden?  Absolutely.  Happy that he is able to get a wonderful Christ-centered education.  Happy that he'll make new friends.  Happy that his learning experiences will keep getting richer.

Does that mean I didn't get a lump in my throat when I said goodbye to him yesterday morning?  Does that mean that my heart didn't break when I heard a little voice from the back of the car say, "Mom, I'm a little nervous about school."  Absolutely not.

Here's my little man all grown up.  I'll admit, the Converse shoes and the grown-up jeans help make him a little more handsome- haha! :)

SO excited to start!

Being silly

The girls were very excited to see Kaden off on his first day!

The first of many BCCS pictures!
*notice that he's not wearing sunglasses?!?!?  For those of you who know Kaden well, you know that's a HUGE accomplishment! :)

First day info sheet.  

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