Sunday, September 30, 2012

Celebrating 1 year!

I can't believe that my girls are already 1!  It seems like such a short time ago when we were celebrating their entrance into this world.  A year ago we were praising God for these 2 blessings, thanking Him for His faithfulness, for their health and protection over the 9 months inside of me, and thanking God for the grace that only He can give.  2 perfect blessings from above.  It doesn't get much better than that.

So, how do you celebrate the first birthday of twins?  You have a party.  You invite the people that have helped you survive this past year, your family, and your closest friends.  You know the saying, "It takes a village?"  Well, it really does.  We've been blessed by close friends who have helped us over the past year.  Brought us meals, took Kaden for awhile to give us a break, folded our underwear, came over to hold babies and provide emotional mommy support, watch all 3 kids so I could go to Target in peace, etc.  We've had so many people support us over the past year, we wanted to have them celebrate this first year with us.  Celebrate making it a year, and living to tell about it :)

Those early days seem like a blur.  Lots of time spent late at night walking the house with crying babies.  Lots of feedings, disrupted schedules, crying (from all 5 of us), fussy babies, and poopy diapers.  I don't ever want to forget how much work this past year has been, and how difficult it really was at times (okay, maybe I'm a little bit glad I've already forgotten some of those).  However, I want to celebrate the good times.  The moments we laughed because we didn't know what else to do.  The times the girls pooped or puked all over and we just hunkered down to deal with it.  The times when all we could do was smile looking at these little babes.  The moments when Andy and I would look at all 3 of our SLEEPING babies and think, "GOD.IS.GOOD."

So, girls, on your 1st birthday, we celebrate you.  For the joy and laughter you've brought us, for the ways in which you've taught us to be flexible, for the friendships you've helped us strengthen, and for the individuals you are becoming.  Even though you're identical, you are very clearly 2 different people.  Different personalities, physical builds, interests and expressions.  Those are the things that make you, you.  We celebrate you for who you are and are overwhelmed with thankfulness that we've had you in our lives for one year already.  We are looking forward to celebrating many more happy birthdays with you, and love you more than anything!

Owl cake- of course we had an owl-themed party :)

Checking out the gifts

Kaden takes a swing at the pinata

Makenna takes a bite out of her cake

Mmm.... this is good, Mom!

Mommy and her girls

Everyone waiting in line for their turn at the pinata

Makenna takes a swing

Grandma and Grandpa VDH with the grandkids

What, Mom?  I'm not allowed to make a mess?!?! :)

More fun toys!

Mommy and Makenna

Grandma Rysdam and her grandkids

Daddy and Makenna

Maya takes a swing

Owl cookies- LOVE how they turned out!

"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you..."

Looking adorable in their birthday tutu's


Maya playing with her cake

Maya.  Love that girl.

More Maya

Our family

 Makenna eating her dinner

Maya working on her dinner

One year birthday banner- a photo for each month of the past year

The Birthday Girls

Cake time!


Chevron blankets from Grandma VDH for their dolls

"Wow, are these all for me, Mom?"

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