Saturday, September 1, 2012

Notes from the crib: 11 months

We're 11 months old!  It's hard to believe that we're less than a month away from turning 1. Wow!!

Hey, it's me, Makenna.  Mom decided that I could go first this month! :)  I'm growing quickly, and Mom wants me to slow down a bit!  No official measurements this month, but we'll have them next month after we go to the doctor for our yearly check-ups.  Mom's guess is that I'm around 19lbs or so.  6-12 month clothes fit pretty well, although in the past couple of weeks, Mom has noticed that things are getting tighter on me.  I'm moving more into 12 months, and will likely be in 12-18 month clothes come fall.  My feet are growing, too, and Mom is very happy that we're finally growing out of our newborn shoes, and our size 1's fit nicely.  Mom is hoping our size 2 shoes fit in the next few weeks.  She has so many adorable shoes for us, she'd like us to actually get to wear them!!  I continue to be a pretty happy-go-lucky gal.  I love to play with my toys, crawl all over the place, and stand up by everything.  I've recently started standing up in place all by myself, or cruising along the sides of the tables in our living room.  Lately I've decided that I want to wake up 1-2 times during the night, which Mom is less than pleased about.  Mom thinks I'm getting some more teeth pretty soon, as I've had all of the teething symptoms lately.  I like to eat, and I eat real people food 3 times a day.  I still eat from Mommy 3 times a day also (when I wake up in the morning, before nap in the afternoon, and before bed).  I love snacks, my sippy cup, and most foods that Mom gives me.  My favorite foods are peaches and bread. I'm the more "lovey" girl of the two of us.  I love to snuggle with my blanket, give Mom and Dad hugs, cuddle with my doll, and sit on Mommy's lap with my blanket.  My favorite thing to say is "uh-oh" and I say it all of the time.  I also love to say Mama and Dada.  I love to play with my brother, and especially love it when he crawls around on the floor and chases me.

Hey!  It's me, Maya!  Spunky, feisty, sweet, tiny, me.  Mom is guessing that I'm maybe around 17lbs right now.  6-12 month clothes still fit me just fine, and my sister is pushing ahead in clothing sizes.  Mom hopes we're not too far apart in size so we can still wear all of our matching and coordinating outfits! :)  I'm always on the go.  I never stop, and when I sleep, I sleep.  I've been sleeping pretty well lately, sleeping through the night most nights.  My sister and I take 2 naps a day, usually 45-60 minutes in the morning, and about the same in the afternoon.  I still love to giggle and run around the house getting into everything.  The biggest development since last month is that I'M WALKING!!!  I started by taking a few steps here and there just after I turned 10 months old, and I've since progressed to walking around everywhere in the house, and even going pretty fast, too.  It's rare that you'll see me crawling around anymore.  I've even gotten pretty good at turning around and stepping over things on the floor without falling down!  I absolutely LOVE to eat, and can put down quite a lot of food when I eat.  I have the same eating schedule as my sister, but definitely eat more than she does at meals.  Mom says I'll probably be the girl that everyone is jealous of- eats a ton and maintains her slim figure :).   I'm definitely not into cuddling as much as my sister, and only say "Dada" most of the time.  My sister is still more of the talker.  I love to smile at strangers and anyone who will talk to me.  My sister is much more hesitant, and definitely gets the "lippie" when she's around people she doesn't know.  I think she's more of a Mama's girl than I am.  My sister and I are quickly outgrowing our infant carriers.  Mom finally had to give up our snap n' go double stroller since my legs were getting pretty cramped from my sister's seat.  Going out is definitely more difficult now that Mom has to take us out of our car seats and put us in our stroller every time.  It was much easier for her to just snap the car seats in and go.  Mom says we could also start using our Britax carseats, too, but she's just waiting a few more weeks until we're officially 1 to graduate us to those seats.  We love to look around when we're shopping, and sitting in the shopping cart at Costco is one of our favorite things to do now.  We love the freedoms we can enjoy now that we're getting older!

Maya trying to pull her 11-month sticker off

Here, Maya, I'll help you pull it off.

I'm pretty sure that Maya didn't appreciate the help.

When you hear from us next, we'll be out of our house and living with Grandma Rysdam.  We'll be staying there for a few months while our new house gets built.  We're pretty excited for all of these changes to come! :)

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