Friday, September 21, 2012

Kaden's first "real" soccer game

Kaden started soccer 2 weeks ago through Wyoming Parks & Rec.  I love the easy-going schedule they have- just show up at your scheduled time on Saturday mornings.  It doesn't make our week busy at night, and gets us going on otherwise lazy Saturday mornings.  Plus, nothing beats watching a fall soccer game with a cup of coffee in your hand! :)  Kaden plays on a team with other 4-5 year old boys and girls from Wyoming.  His game times vary from 9-11am, and last for 1 hour.  The time starts with a 20-30 minute practice, followed by a 20-3o minute "game."  I used quotations for a reason there.  It's quite entertaining watching a bunch of kids all clustered together running after the ball.  Half of the time they don't know which direction they're even running in or who their teammates are, or where their goal is.  Ha! :)  Andy has already decided that he's a much better coach than Kaden's current coach.  Maybe Andy will be coaching next year when we live in BC! :)

Kaden, our sports boy, isn't as into it as we thought he would be.  He loves going, and is getting a bit more assertive in actually looking for the ball and trying to kick it.  However, sometimes, he's just as happy to be standing on the sidelines watching everyone else kick the ball and waving to his fan club.  We'll have to work on that :)

Of course my son would be the only one out there with sunglasses on.

Taking his turn being goalie.  Looks like he's ready to go...

Here comes the ball- block it, Kaden!!!

Bummer.  The other team scored.

I think he got sick of being the goalie after that.  He spent more time looking around than actually paying attention to what was happening! :)

Learning how to say "good game" to his opponents.

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