Wednesday, June 22, 2011

22 weeks

It's hard to believe that my first official belly picture was taken at 22 weeks. Funny how things change when it's your 2nd pregnancy! I'm definitely starting to feel and look bigger. Bending down poses a problem, and Andy has to help me put a few pairs of my summer sandals on. Oh, the joys of getting bigger and carrying twins! :) I continue to feel well and I'm trying to balance out working on my to-do list and taking it easy to avoid bedrest. Fluid levels and growth in the babies is where it should be, which we are thankful for. I've started to pick up a few things here and there for the girls, and it is definitely strange shopping for girl clothes. Very exciting, though! :)

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Jennifer Dawn said...

We are in opposite places. :) I am use to a girl and am now having a boy. You are use to a boy and are having girls. :) Shopping for little girls is so much fun. You'll love it! Please tell me where you shop for boys' clothes. Your son is dressed so nice.