Friday, June 10, 2011

Super Kaden!

I bought the material to make this cape for Kaden quite awhile ago with full intentions of making it sooner, but life (aka pregnancy and the first trimester) happened. But, now that most of my work commitments have ended for awhile, I've been organizing a ton and getting back to my list of sewing projects. My sewing buddy, Laura, and I got together last week and made capes for our boys. My list of boy projects isn't huge because there's just not a lot of cute stuff out there for boys. But, I'm determined to still find cute things and make them for Kaden. Although, now that I know I'm having girls, I have a feeling my sewing list will never be completed. I'm hoping to finish most of Kaden's projects this summer so I can start working on girl projects- woo whoo! :) Anyways... he LOVES his cape and has a blast running around the house with it on telling me he's a "super." I love how it turned out. SUPER cute! :)

Modeling his cape

View of the cape

Close-up of the monogram on the back

Cute boy using his cape as a blanket on the floor. Not quite what I intended for its use.

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