Thursday, June 23, 2011

Father's Day Weekend in NJ

We took a long weekend trip to NJ this past weekend to spend time with my family over Father's Day weekend. We always have a blast when we're there and of course are spoiled with shopping, food, and fun! Kaden was excited to see his Grandpa and Grandma VDH again and thankfully it had only been a few weeks since he had seen them last when they came to MI for Memorial Day weekend. While we were there, we spent time with extended family, I was able to visit my Grandpa in the hospital, we went shopping for girls clothes for the twins, and spent time fishing and hanging out at Green Pond. Kaden was in his glory and all he wanted to do was fish. He got lots of attention and not much sleep while we were there (by his choice- too much to do... why sleep?!?!?), so we spent the past few days back at home recovering. He's already talking about when he gets to see Grandpa and Grandma again when they come to MI for his 3rd birthday in a few weeks!

Enjoy a few picture highlights from our trip!

Kaden proudly holding his fish (and yes, he caught that... with MY old Snoopy pole. Needless to say, he never really paid attention to his pole in the water, so when we saw the bobber down, guess who had to reel it in?!? Me! The least fisherman-like person on the boat!!)

Kaden drives the boat and proof that I was actually there. I don't like pictures of myself when pregnant so you won't see many!

Andy proudly holding his fish. No, he didn't use my Snoopy pole, and he was able to reel it in by himself! :)

I LOVE these boys. Apparently it was too sunny for Kaden to smile. Too bad- would have been a great picture!

There's just something I love about this picture, too.

And this one...

When the boys were fishing from the pier, the fish fell off the hook. Kaden didn't like it at all as you can see from the 2-picture reaction.

My little fisherman. Such a cutie.

Posing for a picture with Grandpa.

Posing for a picture with Uncle Brian

With Daddy

Going crazy on the OLD rocking horse in the grass. This used to be my mom's!

Kaden with his Grandpa and Grandma "Heide" as he calls them.

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