Friday, June 3, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend- Day 3

Day 3 involved lots of time outdoors. It started off with yummy monkey bread for breakfast. After that, Andy and my dad got Kaden's big sandbox all set. We'd been using a small sand and water table on the deck, but figured this year it was time to fill the big sandbox underneath his swing set in the backyard. We had a picnic with the family at lunchtime outside, followed by lots of water fun with the squirter gun and the hose. Once again, Kaden had a blast. It was so nice to spend a beautiful day outdoors with our whole family. The day ended with a trip to the airport to bring my parents back. Kaden seemed so sad when they left, BUT we get to see them in 2 weeks when we go to NJ for Father's Day weekend. Woo whoo! I know there are a lot of pictures in this post.... too many good ones to choose from! :)

Grandpa inside the sandbox laying down the sand

My dad and Andy putting the finishing touches on the sandbox

Kaden playing with his new playhouse. I bought this the day after Thanksgiving for an amazing deal and it's an early birthday present for him. Andy put it together on Saturday, and he's been playing with it non-stop ever since! :)

Peeking through the window in the playhouse

Getting squirted by Uncle Steve

Trying to squirt "Aunt" Kelly with the squirter gun

Daddy gets Kaden with the squirter

Getting wet

Running in the lawn trying to escape Daddy

Kaden and his super soaker (gotta' love clearance mega-deals at Target at the end of the summer last year!)

Getting squirted by the hose and by the squirter gun.

Loving the water fun!

Sprayed by the hose!

Again, Daddy!

A fun afternoon in the sun!

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