Wednesday, July 13, 2011

3 years old

How a 3-yr. old spends his birthday:

-3 days before his birthday, wakes up excited to pick up Grandma, Grandpa, and Uncle Brian from the airport, claiming it's his birthday "all weekend long."
-Has a party the night before his birthday with family and friends where he gets lots of fun new toys to play with!
-Wakes up on his birthday morning at 8:15am and claims today is his "extra birthday"
-Eats pancakes with syrup and a baseball cupcake for breakfast
-watches a thunderstorm from the basement window
-goes to Dick's Sporting Goods where Papa buys him a Spiderman fishing pole, and Uncle Brian buys him a soccer ball.
-Gets lunch at the mall, a carousel ride with Uncle Brian, and a ride on the toys by the carousel.
-Takes a nap
-Plays with all of his new presents
-Brings his Grandma & Grandpa VDH and Uncle Brian back to the airport
-Goes to Red Robin for dinner
-Goes mini golfing with his mommy and daddy
-Goes out for ice cream with his Grandma Rysdam
-Goes to bed late

Phew. Quite a birthday celebration for a 3-year old. I wonder if my 30th birthday next week will be half as exciting?!?!? :)

Kaden's birthday weekend in review:

The party on Sunday-
Family shot

Hangin' out on a warm, sunny, summer night

The infamous baseball cupcakes that Kaden has been requesting for literally MONTHS now

Opening presents

And more presents

"Look, Mom... a Cubs wallet!!"

Blowing out his candle... such a big boy!

Playing baseball with his new bat


And his actual birthday...

Only on your birthday can you eat a baseball cupcake for breakfast!

Cutie pie 3 yr. old

Riding on the carousel with Uncle Brian

Showing off his new fishing pole and trying out the boats at Dick's Sporting Goods

He was SO excited to go mini-golfing for his birthday!

Daddy can't resist giving him tips, of course.

The birthday boy

Golf buddies

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