Wednesday, July 6, 2011

7 years

On June 26, Andy and I celebrated 7 happy years of marriage! Unfortunately, I was sick that weekend, which put a damper on all of our fun plans. However, we postponed all of our plans to this past weekend and had a wonderful day of fun together! Andy has always joked around that one day he was just going to drive to his old hometown in IL, or downtown Chicago, for some decent pizza. I suggested that we drive there together to celebrate our anniversary. We have a little "custom" that we started when we got married, which involves going to a different place for each anniversary. We write down where we go every year, because somehow, a year later, we always seem to forget! :) We can go to places we've been before in our lives, but just not on another anniversary- make sense? :) So... this one was definitely not on the list yet and we decided to go ahead with it! We also try to buy something for our home on our anniversary since we never really need anything for ourselves. They're not usually that exciting to most people (last year was new knobs for our kitchen cabinets and we re-did our bathroom and bedroom decor... woo whoo!!), but we enjoy the challenge of finding something around the house to "give" to each other. This year...... new bag chairs!! We found some great new bag chairs that we love at Dick's Sporting Goods this past weekend, and we'll think of our anniversary each time we use them... right.

We left around 2pm on Saturday for our drive to IL, and managed to stop at the outlets in Michigan City for some shopping along the way too (inevitable of course). It was a nice break in the trip and helped this preggo mama endure the drive a bit more! :) As we got closer to Sanfratello's in Glenwood, IL, our mouths were watering. The pizza was SO. GOOD. I'm telling you, people- you cannot find pizza like this ANYWHERE else. It's not deep dish, it's the most thin, crispy crust you've ever experienced, with no grease and a touch of sauce. Delightful. We managed to eat almost an entire pizza while we were there and took another whole large pizza home with us to eat the next day. We also had to bring back a pizza for Grandma who babysat all day for us! :) After dinner we drove through Andy's old neighborhood and visited with his old neighbors for a bit, then headed back home where we pulled in the driveway at 12:30am. It was so nice to have lots of time to ourselves (we love road trips together), and enjoy each other's company.

Each year on our anniversary during dinner, I always ask Andy what the best part of his year was. He always laughs at me for the cheesy-ness, but it's another fun thing to think about. As we reminisced about our past year of marriage, we thought of something we experienced each month of the past year- either something fun we did together as a couple or family, something we were thankful for, struggles, and joys. We are thankful that God continues to bless us as we go through the ups and downs of life together. Can't wait to see where we'll go next year or what we'll reminisce about a year from now. I'm sure the twins will be a topic of conversation for sure!

Andy enjoying his pizza

Me enjoying my pizza

Happy 7th Anniversary, Andy! I love you!

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